CPD & Training

A complete library of musical courses and resources for you to create a Scheme for your school

Support music in your school

Charanga works in close partnership with your local Music Service and Music Education Hub. Together we provide a range of training programmes and CPD that help support music in your school and give children the best possible chance of building excellent music skills and developing a lifelong love of music and the arts.

As a resource, Charanga Musical School supports all aspects of what good Primary Music is all about: high-quality, inspiring class music lessons for every child; first access for all children to instrumental learning; and of course singing.

We recognise that Musical School works best when you feel confident about teaching with it and we’ve developed training and CPD for non-specialist and specialist music teachers to help build that confidence.

Twilight training — for groups of schools

Twilight training events are held regularly at local schools and music centres across the area. All schools are invited to send their key staff along and in many cases those attending will be confident to feedback and support their own school colleagues.

These face-to-face training events are further supported with opportunities for self-directed online learning through a wide range of help and support guides, a named CPD contact person and a helpdesk for technical issues. Additionally, teachers are encouraged to share their successes, ideas and suggestions through the resource-based Teachers’ Sharing Space and community forum.

Arrange twilight training

If you are interested in hosting a twilight training event at your school or attending an event at another school, please email your local Charanga trainer in the first instance.

In-school training — just for your school

Discover the comprehensive Musical School Scheme of Work developed to meet the National Curriculum and the teaching approach favoured by Ofsted. See how the Units of Work, Topics and Instrumental Courses can support themed learning and how to build your own lessons from the library of resources and share them with your colleagues and pupils.

Arrange in-school training

Price for 1½ hour meeting £245. Please email your local Charanga trainer for details and to look at the options.


Just some of the thousands of positive feedback from our training sessions:

I loved today's workshop! Very inspiring!

Thank you so much - it's been a great morning. I feel like I could lead a class confidently now.

I can't tell you how inspired I feel. I feel partcularly enlightened in the use of ICT.

The training was brilliant thank you! I have now led a staff meeting to train the teachers! Thank you, Helen

It was great! I've got so many idea's to use in my music lessons

My jobshare partner and I were 'fighting' over who would teach music as a result!

I have become confident now I have been shown how to use Charanga Musical School. it is a fantastic resource.

This session was extremely enjoyable amd relevant in implementing high quality teaching and learning in music.

Relaxed, no pressure approach. Delivered at a great pace

I feel more supported. I know if I follow the lesson plans I will hit all objectives.

Very useful inset and will give all staff ability to teach music within the school. Thank you very much.

A very worthwhile session, can't wait to get started!

Excellent delivery of training - clear and concise, thank you!

I feel it's empowered me to be much more flexible and adventurous when teaching music.

Yes - great session! The resource is perfect for what I need to do in the classroom.