Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s long reign on the throne of Great Britain will be celebrated with a mammoth performance comprising music, singing and dancing by over a thousand young people and adults from across Norfolk, at the Norfolk Showground as part of the 2022 Royal Norfolk Show!

Produced under the auspices of the Lord-Lieutenant and forming the centrepiece of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association’s 175th anniversary, the Salute will be a celebration of the music and heritage of the Nation and the Commonwealth. Musical direction will be by David Stowell from Norfolk Music Service with assistance from Marcus Patteson from Norfolk Sistema and Ashley Grote of Norwich Cathedral. Anna Mudeka will choreograph the hundreds of young people, and overall direction will be by Peter Wilson.

It is intended that the Royal Salute will be a special and spectacular thanks for Her Majesty’s lifetime of service dedicated to the people of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

We are delighted to offer Norfolk educational settings the opportunity to participate in this performance on either Wednesday 29th June or Thursday 30th June.


If I register our educational setting to participate in this performance what are we committing to with regards to rehearsals?

  • You will be sent a link to a set of resources which will be available on Wednesday 27th April.
  • A CPD will take place with a vocal specialist for all teachers on Wednesday 4th May from 4pm-5pm. This will also be recorded and available after the CPD for teachers to access
  • Online rehearsals will take place with a vocal specialist for young people to join on:
  • Tuesday 10th May from 2pm-2.45pm
  • Tuesday 24th May from 2pm-2.45pm
  • Tuesday 7th June from 2pm-2.45pm

(These sessions will take place via Zoom and will also be recorded and available to access after each session)

  • Sunday 26th June at the Royal Norfolk Showground from 10am-3pm

(Further information on this rehearsal can be found below. When registering for this performance you must commit to attending this rehearsal and supervising the students from your educational setting.)

Do you offer financial assistance for transport?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer any financial assistance for transport

How much music is there to learn?
The total input from the students will be between 12 and 15 minutes long

Is there any cost incurred with registering for this event?
There is no cost to take part but educational settings are responsible for their own transport arrangements and costs

How do we book tickets to attend the Royal Norfolk School during the day with our educational setting?
Many educational settings may choose to attend the Norfolk Show during the day. To find out more about this please follow this link: Education – Royal Norfolk Show (rnaa.org.uk)

Are there other performance opportunities for my educational setting on the days?
Yes, on the registration form you will be asked to express an interest in a performance slot during the days on one of the performance stages run by Norfolk Music Hub

What will we have to wear?
Students will be required to wear their educational setting uniform

Will families be able to come and watch the performance?
Yes, there is free entry for all after 4pm each day. Educational settings may choose for their children to be collected by their families from the showground rather than providing return transport

What time do we need to be there on the day of the performance?
All performers will need to be registered onsite with the organisers at a specific meeting point at 3.30pm. The performance will take place between 4.30pm and 5.30pm

Can we register our educational setting for both days?
Yes, you may choose to:

  • Bring the same students on both days
  • Different students on both days
  • Join us on one day only

What age of students can sign up for this?
Students from year 1 to year 8 inclusive.

Where will the performance take place?
In the Grand Ring.

What are the times of the rehearsal on Sunday 26th June and do we have to attend this rehearsal
10am-3pm in the Grand Ring. If you are registering for this opportunity your educational setting must attend on this weekend rehearsal. Students will need to bring a packed lunch. Families will not be able to stay on site for the day if they are dropping students off to rehearse


Registration closed.

Registration closes at noon on Thursday 10th February.

There is also a call out for adult choirs to take part in this event. To register your interest please email getinvolved@platinumjubileenorfolk.org and a member of the Royal Salute Team will get back to you in early January.

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