Sing Up Day 11 March

Sing Up has announced a partnership with Trinity College London, supporting schools taking part in Sing Up Day to achieve the Arts Award Discover.

Sing Up Day 2020 will be on Wednesday 11 March. It is free to take part in and anyone can get involved.

Sing Up are collaborating with Trinity College London who are discounting the cost of each Arts Award by 24% for those schools taking part, making the price only £3.05 per pupil. Schools taking advantage of this offer will simply need to enter the discount code “SingUp20” in the contextual information box of their Arts Award Discover submission.

The Sing Up Day song will be revealed soon!

Why not…

  • Teach the Sing Up Day song to your youth choir
  • Hold a Big Sing at your school on or around 11 March 2020 and include the Sing Up Day song
  • Use the song and playlist as a way of including singing in Whole Class Ensemble Teaching
  • Teach the song to staff at your teacher network meetings

Discover more ways to get involved with Sing Up Day at