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Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) Backing Track:


Download backing track (right click > link save as)

Full song:


Lyric video:

How to submit your video:

  1. Listen to the original and decide which part you would like to sing.
  2. Download the backing track to a device (e.g. your phone placed in your pocket?) and then play it on headphones/earpieces.
  3. Get dressed up in your Christmas finery.
  4.  Set up another device – such as your iPad – and position it in landscape on a music stand and set it to record video and sound
  5. Click/clap in time with the backing track a few bars before you intend to begin singing, but do please leave a few bars of space before singing! This is to aid with lining the footage up, but we don’t want to see everyone clapping themselves in 😀
  6. Please do think about adding in air guitar/drums, animal footage or whatever to fill up the instrumental sections. As before, clap yourself in if these things have rhythm, or you intend to sing on the same take as you perform your physical theatre.
  7. Send your video(s) via WeTransfer to

Instructions on sending files using WeTransfer.