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About Sistema in Norwich

Sistema in Norwich works to transform the lives of children and young people in through participation in music, seeking to help children realise their potential and succeed across all areas of their lives.

This is done through engaging children in learning to play a musical instrument and being part of an orchestra, starting at 7 years of age and continuing up until 18. These children are part of the Colegate Nucleo Orchestra.

The orchestra does a number of performances each year and is often the focus for collaboration with other organisations or orchestras.

Children can take part in the Teen Sistema from Year 6, who took part in Sistema in their primary school and are moving (or have moved) on to secondary school.

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Martineau Memorial Hall, Colegate, Norwich

Rehearsal day & time

The main part of the Teen Sistema provision is ‘Sistema Saturdays’, which runs from 10am – 1pm every Saturday in term time – Instrumental lessons and ensemble rehearsals for Strings, Wind and Brass

Twice termly Orchestra Days also supports the pathway to this provision.

There is also a Strings session from 4pm – 5.30pm on a Monday, but Sistema in Norwich are looking to add more sessions during the week.

How to join

Email or talk to a tutor if your child is interested in attending.

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