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West Norfolk Music Centre offers individual lessons and group music for players and singers of all ages and all abilities. Groups include an orchestra, two wind bands, two choirs (including West Norfolk Youth Choir) and a number of smaller groups, including *new* ukulele lessons. Individual lessons are available on most instruments and singing, and group theory lessons are also offered.


Springwood High School, King’s Lynn

Rehearsal day & time

Saturdays during term time

Playing level

We aim to provide for all ages and all levels of ability. Most of our groups have a suggested grade level, but there are no auditions and no requirement to have passed an exam, and you are welcome to come and try out to see which groups suit you.

Our children’s choir, West Norfolk Youth Choir, is aimed at children aged 7-14, and we also run a music workshop for younger children (5-11).

How to join

Visit wnmc.org.uk to find out more.

For just one termly subscription fee (£35 for under-18s, £40 for adults), you can take part in as many of our groups as you can fit into the morning. Alternatively, if you take individual lessons through us, you can join any of our groups for no extra charge.

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