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Delivered by Madeline Casson, this CPD event is available free of charge to all schools signed up to any Hub Subscription Package* or £75 otherwise.

Charanga Musical School is an award winning, modern resource for primary music which includes a complete Scheme that meets all the requirements of the national curriculum. Musical School is perfect for all teachers however confident they feel with teaching music. This Introduction session will focus mainly on getting the most from the Scheme as well as a brief overview of the vast library of supporting resources.

Find out more about Charanga Musical School here.

Venue: St William’s Primary School, Norwich, NR7 0AJ
Date/Time: Monday 25th June, 4pm – 5.30pm

There are limited places for this event so please ensure you register now via Charanga.

*Schools must be subscribed to a package for 2017/18 or can also attend if signed up for 2018/19 Hub Subscription.