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This event is running from 9 June 2021 until 23 June 2021. It is next occurring on 23rd June 2021 1:15 pm

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As part of our Covid recovery package to engage young people in singing again we are delighted to announce the opportunity for infant age students from across Norfolk to engage with three online workshops being delivered live by Emily Barden.

Many of you will have sung one of Emily’s songs in the past. This year is the 6th year that she has composed the piece for Sing Up Day, many of you will remember previous hits like Be the Change or One in a Million.

This project will consist of a twilight CPD for staff, three live singing sessions and culminate in a singing assembly on Sing Up day (30th June, 2021) where young people of infant age from across Norfolk can unite in singing (We Are) Unstoppable.


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