Event Details

An extraordinary musical instrument will be assembled in North Norfolk this month. The Wind Pipes Organ was originally built for the Edinburgh Festival and The Yorke Trust has invited innovative artist Sarah Kenchington to exhibit her hand-made instrument in the Old Chapel, South Creake, from 25 – 29 June. In partnership with Norfolk Music Hub, parties of schoolchildren from 10 Norfolk schools have been given the chance to explore it.

Throughout the week children will be taking part in music-making workshops and investigate how sound is generated through wind instruments. They will get the opportunity to make their own instruments using recycled materials and then play music together on the Wind Pipes Organ.

There is also a private view entitled ‘At Home with Sarah Kenchington’ on Wednesday 27 June at 18.00 at The Old Chapel in South Creake.

Sarah Kenchington works as an artist, maker, musician and performer. She builds and invents her own remarkable mechanical instruments, including a pedal-powered hurdy-gurdy, a giant rotating kalimba and her own brass band, powered by tractor inner-tubes. Sarah works with musicians, community groups, and children, teaching instrument making and alternative notation. She has been commissioned to make large-scale instruments to be played by members of the public, with the intention of engaging musicians and non-musicians alike. She is most interested in the exchange that goes on between the player and instrument, where the flow of physical forces feels like a collaboration.