Close up image of a djembe - a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum

Norfolk Music Hub invite you all to join our virtual workshops! We have partnered with LabmediaLouder Than Life LTDLee Gibling and Norfolk Music Service tutors for a series of interactive music workshops!

Our February Half Term Workshops will be delivered online. Once you have registered, we will then be in touch nearer the time with details on how to log in and take part.

These workshops are all free to young people across Norfolk.

Signing and Singing (6-11 year olds)    

Learn to sign and sing A Million Dreams from the greatest Showman and True Colours from the Trolls movie.

Each session will last 40 minutes and be led by Mrs Carruthers from Norfolk Music Service.

When: Monday 15th February

11am: A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman

1pm: True Colours from the Trolls movie

Lockdown Get Down (9-14 year olds)  

Due to demand, we are unable to accept any more sign ups for this session.

Make your own music loops on iOS devices! In this session you will learn how to mix loops into a piece of music and record it with effects. A fun session exploring how to use the iPad and iPhone to make your own music.

When: Tuesday 16th February, 11am-11.40am

Air Djembe workshop (6-11 year olds)    

Due to demand, we are unable to accept any more sign ups for this session.

Learn how to play the djembe without a djembe! Learn about the culture of African djembe playing, how it influenced music from other parts of the world, and play using just your hands and your knees (or a cushion).

When: Wednesday 17th February, 10.30am and 1.30pm for 40 minutes.

Virtual beatboxing workshops

Due to demand, we are unable to accept any more sign ups for this session.

Come and join Lee Gibling’s fun beatboxing online workshop where you can learn all the skills needed to get started!  This is a really easy step-by-step workshop that covers all of the sounds used, and you’ll even learn how some of the more advanced sounds and techniques are done too!

When: Thursday 18th February

Ages 10 and under: 1pm-1.45pm

11-16 year olds: 2pm-2.45pm

Online Workshop Delivery Risk Assessment >> (.pdf)

Guidelines for Parents and Students for digital delivery of Half Term workshops >> (.pdf)

Instructions for February half term workshop leaders >> (.pdf)