1. Open Video Editor on Windows


2. Select ‘New Project’.


3. Give your project a name that includes the name of the young person and their project.


4. Click ‘+ Add’ and choose ‘From this PC’.


5. Locate your video file and click ‘Open’.


6. Click ‘Place in the storyboard’.


7. Right-click on the video in the Storyboard and select ‘Volume’. Press the audio icon to mute the video.



8. To replace the audio with your recorded composition, click on ‘Custom audio’.


9. Click ‘+ Add the audio file’.


10. Locate your composition audio file and click ‘Open’, and then ‘Done’.


11. Click ‘Finish video’.


12. Select ‘Export’.


13. Choose where you want to save the file, and click ‘Export’ again.


14. Submit your video to us!