Make More Music!

Now that you are playing an instrument, come and make music with other children!

As a member of West Norfolk Music Centre, you will play your instrument in a small group of children led by an experienced music teacher.

You will play music at a level which suits your playing ability. Even if you have only learnt how to play a few notes, we will guide you on the next steps in your musical journey.

You will also be part of a singing group, where you will learn more about the building blocks of music and have the chance to perform to friends and family.


What age do I have to be?
We do not have a strict age limit, but most of our members start between School Years 5 and 8.

Would I have to join both groups?
We encourage you to make the most of your membership, but if you can only make it to one group that’s fine. As you develop as a musician, you can join any of our more advanced groups too.

What is the Music Centre?
West Norfolk Music Centre is a registered charity. We have been providing musical education in King’s Lynn for over 40 years at our Saturday music school.

Times and prices

West Norfolk Music Centre is open on Saturday mornings for 10 weeks each school term. We are closed both Saturdays of the half-term holiday.

For young musicians starting out with us, your morning will run from 10.30am to midday:

  • 10.30 Singing group (40 min)
  • 11.10 Break (10 min)
  • 11.20 Starter band (40 min)

On the last Saturday of term, members can take part in our afternoon concert. The membership fee, for children still at primary school, is just £20 a term (equivalent to £2 per week).

From Year 7 onwards, the fee is £30 a term. Members can join any of our groups at no extra charge.

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To join, or for more information, please contact:

Telephone: 07748 067355