Norfolk Music Hub is pleased to be offering boys aged 8-18 the opportunity to sing together with other boys.

The choir runs every Tuesday during term-time from 4:15-5:15pm at Lynn Grove Academy in Gorleston, and it is free to attend. Any boys joining the choir don’t need to have any musical background, and any level is welcome. The choir will be singing all styles of music.

The boys choir was first put together for the GYSMA ‘Festival of Carols’ at the Hippodrome in 2017. The choir director, Rachel Salton, said: “Initially, the choir was just for the ‘Festival of Carols’ and we had about 3 rehearsals every other week. I was amazed at how the boys really enjoyed it and looked forward to each rehearsal. At the end of the last rehearsal they asked if it was going to continue and that is where we’re at!!”

“I have had really positive feedback from parents of these boys…I have had a couple of really nice emails about boys who went on to sing solo at their school Christmas concerts on the back of the boys choir. There are already 20 boys in the choir and it has real potential to grow.”

After their first two rehearsals, the boys decided to call their choir Firespinners.

The choir will be performing their first concert at GYSMA ‘Spring Celebration’ at Lynn Grove Academy on Thursday 22nd March.