In this section you can find out more information about the range of extra-curricular opportunities available from the Hub and resources to help parents support their child’s musical education needs.

Weekly Ensembles and Bands

Playing in an ensemble or band is a really important part of learning to play a musical instrument and is often the most enjoyable and socially rewarding part of the process. There are many opportunities for young people to join an ensemble near them.


  • Bring young people together
  • Help young people grow in harmony
  • Enable young people to develop respect for each other
  • Respect musicianship and rewards commitment

Ensembles run by the Music Service

MusicServiceLeafletFrontThe Music Service works towards providing a musical pathway for all its young players in as many parts of the County that it can, for any instrument at every stage of learning. The ensembles/bands run by the Music Service are:


Music Service Ensembles Leaflet (pdf – June 2017).
Ensemble Rehearsal Dates 2017-18 (pdf – August 2017). 

To sign up to an ensemble, please contact

More information on these and other ensembles county-wide can be found on our ensemble map.

Instrumental lessons

The Music Service has over 60 specialist music teachers providing instrumental and vocal lessons for over 7000 pupils in Norfolk schools. Alongside this we also offer affordable instrument hire, practical music workshops, eLearning, advice, training and support.

In-school lessons can be on an individual, paired or group basis and are provided weekly.

Throughout the year the Music Service also offer opportunities for young people to hear and perform with professional musicians, groups and orchestras, and to get together and perform with other young people in large venues around the county. Read more >>

Financial Assistance

The following schemes exist to help schools and individual musicians find financial support to progress their music education.

  • Take It Away: Take It Away offers interest-free loans for the purchase of musical instruments. Find out more >>
  • The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme: The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme enables pupils having music lessons at LEA-maintained schools to purchase musical instruments without paying VAT. Read more >> AIPSGuide (pdf)

Children’s University

Music activities run by the Norfolk Music Hub are now Children’s University Learning Destinations. This means that any child with a Children’s University passport can collect learning credits by taking part in our ensembles, workshops, and other music activities! Find out more >>


Charanga Musical School is the most significant new Primary music resource for a decade which is being used by over 100 Primary schools across Norfolk. It’s a living cloud-based resource that brings together great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology. It supports all aspects of music in school including the new music curriculum, as well as providing children and their families with opportunities to continue learning and exploring music at home through Music World. Read more >>

Photographic Consent Form

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