Job title: NCYM Pastoral Tutor
Department: Centre for Young Musicians (CYM) Norfolk
Location: City of Norwich School
Responsible to: Director of NCYM
Responsible for: Assisting NCYM staff
Salary: £12 per hour

NCYM is the part of a national network of the Centre for Young Musicians which is a division of Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London and meets at City of Norwich School. Young musicians are encouraged to work in ensembles with professional musicians and develop high levels of performance, musicianship and composition. The position advertised offers an exciting opportunity to work with fellow professional musicians in a thriving and developing music centre, run by one of the world’s leading music conservatoires.

Purpose of Post

  • to be responsible for ensuring that rehearsal areas are set up with suitable equipment
  • to ensure that all equipment is cleared away the end of sessions
  • to assist NCYM staff and students as directed

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Arrive at 8.30am to ensure that all rehearsal rooms are prepared for NCYM tutors
  • Set up iPads for NCYM students to sign in at the Front desk in the Arc
  • Take registers to all tutors
  • Put up regular signs in the Arc Foyer (i.e. toilets/sign in)
  • Put out the photocopy tray for any tutor photocopying needed
  • Remain in Arc Foyer whilst NCYM students arrive to help with signing in
  • Escort students to rehearsal rooms as required
  • Organise the NCYM storage area for easy access to instruments and music
  • Establish a routine for clearing rehearsal rooms and make sure this is communicated to NCYM staff and students
  • Maintain the storage area as an organised space which is user friendly for all NCYM staff and students
  • Ensure that all rehearsal rooms are cleared and returned to the layout required by CNS school
  • Take part in musical sessions as directed by the director of NCYM
  • collect registers and paperwork as directed by admin and centre manager
  • Attend all concerts and NCYM events as directed by the centre manager
  • Other duties as needed and directed by the manager of NCYM
  • Check all registers are returned at the end of the morning
  • Remove all regular signs and return to NCYM Saturday box on reception
  • In an Emergency, assist the centre manager with taking the register

Please email Giusy Angelini ( for an application form. Deadline for applications 13 December 2018.