In partnership with The Come and Sing CompanySt George’s TheatreSheringham Little Theatre and NYMAZ, Norfolk Music Hub are excited to announce Rapunzel The Lockdown Pantomime – a school friendly end of term celebration written especially by Nick Earnshaw. You can meet the cast and read about their characters below!

Full details about the event can be found here.

Meet The Cast: 

Writer and Director

Nick Earnshaw


Played by Emma Riches


Rapunzel has only ever known the Tower, where she has lived all her life. She longs to go out into the world and start exploring, but her lockdown imposed by her Mother forbids her to. Unknown to her though her Mother is not what she seems to be. Rapunzel is feisty, kind and 20 years of being indoors with hardly any one to talk to has meant she has a big imagination. Her hair is very very long, with no hairdresser or visitor allowed near her, it has grown and grown. This hair is used for her Mother to climb, and also glows but Rapunzel does not know why. When our story starts it is soon to be Rapunzel’s 21st Birthday

Prince Parp

Played by Charlie Randall


Prince Parp is the only son and heir to the Parp Kindgom, he is a major celebrity and will one day be King Parp. But being in the spotlight with lots of fans is not the kind of life Prince Parp wants. He longs for a normal life away from the spotlight and wants to go outside for adventure away from social media, interviews and Celebrity Baking shows. One day he escapes from the Castle to find what he is looking for.

Mother Gothel

Played by Loraine Metcalfe


Mother Gothel holds a secret. She is a Sorceress. She pretends to be Rapunzel’s Mother for one reason alone…Rapunzel’s hair. Gothel had this magic plant called Rapunzel that would make her younger when she sang to it. But one day a man stole the plant to help feed his wife who was pregnant. When the baby was born Gothel saw the baby had the power in her hair so she stole the baby and hid her in a tower, locking her away. Gothel is cruel, but pretends to care and be a nice Mum. Inside though she is a mean diva who cares for nothing apart from looking forever young.


Played by Harry Williams


Fantazmo is a social media agent to the stars. His main client is Prince Parp who he dresses, decides on his style and is in charge of his You Tube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram and Snap Chat profiles. Fantazmo’s main aim in life is to stay fabulous, rich and go to parties. He has a wild fashion sense and doesn’t like the outside world. When Prince Parp chooses to run away with Rapunzel he is not happy and tries to stop this so not to lose his number one client.