Make the Spring term a SINGING term! 


There are lots of reasons to be singing this term, with our new products to support the history curriculum –  That’s What I Call A Class Assembly – Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.  A swashbuckling new musical  called Pirates Versus Mermaids, and a fabulous new hymn book – Essential Assembly Hymns. There will be something for everyone to sing about! 


We have also teamed up with Comic Relief for the 5th time to help schools fundraise for Red Nose Day 2015. This new upbeat song is perfect for getting everyone in the Red Nose Day mood, especially as this year’s theme is Make Your Face Funny For Money. It’s absolutely FREE to download from the link below!  Includes an inspiring fun-raising video, music tracks, lyrics, score, teachers notes and much more  – as well as a video to help learn how to sign the chorus of the song!   

SING the song!  Bring on the FUN! Raise a load of MONEY! 

Making Funny Faces!  By Mark and Helen Johnson

The Official Red Nose Day 2015 Schools’ Song 

 Learn the song,

Watch the Making Funny Faces! video and

Download the FREE song at  

In addition, all the schools in the country have been sent a FREE CD ROM in the Out of the Ark Music Spring catalogue mailing sent out at the beginning of January which includes:

  • Vocal and backing tracks of the song Making Funny Faces!
  • The official Making Funny Faces! video to help learn the song
  • The song displayed in our Words on Screen™ format (where the words highlight as the lyrics are sung!)
    • Words on Screen™ include
      • The LYRICS
      • The MUSIC SCORE
      • TEACHER’S NOTES on how to use and teach the song
  • PLUS 3 FREE ADDITIONAL  SONGS in our Words on Screen™ format:  Wake Up!,  As One and Life Is A Wonderful Thing.