We hope your practising has gone well over the weekend and always remember if you are having any issue at all with your part please email Krista.

Deadline for audio submission – Saturday 8th May
Deadline for visual submission – Monday 7th June

It is now time to start recording your parts! Please watch the below videos from Will, Digital Producer for the Share-Sound project.

Creative tasks help:

Self filming tips:

Record your part – audio submission

Deadline for audio submission – Saturday 8th May

We have included a checklist below to remind you how to record your parts at home.

1. Find a room in your house that is quiet but also has a ‘dead’ sound.
Look for small rooms with carpeting if possible during this project we have also received advice of ‘record into your wardrobe’ or ‘put a pillow behind the device you are using to record’ this will help deaden the sound. Avoid large echo-y rooms or bathrooms (even though it is tempting!)

2. Use headphones to listen to the click track.
It is very important to play along with the click track to make sure everyone is in time with each other. You listen to it on headphones so we do not hear it on your amazing recording.

3. There are 2 bars of click before the score starts.
Listen to the track a few times and you will notice there are 8 clicks before the music starts. This is to allow you to get used to the tempo and it is like we are all being counted in by a conductor.

4. Record your track on a phone/laptop/any recording device.
Now you are ready to record your track. You can record it as audio track or a video track whichever is easier for you.

5. Listen back to your recording.
This step is very important. None of us like listening to ourselves recorded but you need to listen as a sound engineer. Is it loud enough? Is the sound distorting? Is there background noise? Is it to reverberant or echo-y?

6. Be ready to adjust and rerecord.
It is unlikely it will be perfect on your first try. You may need to move the mic closer or further away. You may need to record it in a different room. Adjust your set up until you get a recording you are happy about.

7. Name and send your track.
Once you are happy with your track rename your file INSTRUMENT (from score) NAME – SECTION OF SCORE. Submit the file to the dropbox account in the link here by Friday 7th May.

Record your part – video submission

Deadline for visual submission – Monday 7th June

Please wear dark clothes for your recordings

There are two tasks we’d like all participants to do:

1. Film yourself playing the piece.
There’s a video from Will, Digital Producer for the Share-Sound project, on the resource page explaining some tips about how to get the best video possible, but in short you need to think about a few main things:

  • Location – make sure the place you film yourself is right. It needs to be nice and bright, so near a big window is great. It also needs to sound good too, so not too echoey – sometimes dining rooms, conservatories etc can sound echoey because they have lots of hard surfaces.
  • Where to position the camera – put it in a horizontal orientation and rest it somewhere. If you can’t rest it somewhere, get someone to hold the camera – but make sure they keep it nice and still! You need to be about 1-2 metres away from the camera, in the centre of the frame.

2. Film 10-20 seconds of footage representing each of these three themes.
Be creative as possible with how you interpret these three themes – we want to see lots of variation and creativity!

  • Fire – This could be something red/orange/yellow, something hot, something angry, something destructive, something warm. We don’t want just a flame – filming this is a bit dangerous and a bit boring!
  • Desolation/reduced to ash – Think about something that has been destroyed or is empty, think about what colours make you think of desolation. It’s empty, devoid of life.
  • Rebirth – It’s spring, so there’s lots of rebirth at the moment! There’s also the social rebirth – of the world coming back to life after lockdown. Rebirth could also be something new or young, or something emerging.
  • If you have more than one idea you’d like to film, feel free to send them in, also don’t be afraid to play around with filters and settings on the phone or camera you’re using. We really want you to express yourselves!

3. Please ensure your video’s are short clips, no more than 1 minute long each.

4. Please note that some videos may have photo’s extracted from them in the creation process if this fits best with the finished visual outcome.

Submit your audio, video and photos

Read our guide on how to submit your project here.

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