Sing for Peace

One Day One Choir is an inspiring global peace initiative which uses the harmonious power of singing together to unite people around the world on International Peace Day, 21 September.

Anyone in any kind, size or age of group can take part; from schools and symphony choirs to community, faith, friend, social, fun or work place groups. You can sing wherever suits you and at any time during the day so you don’t need to find a special venue.

One Day One Choir is perfect for schools – providing a simple, accessible, inclusive and inspiring activity which connects countless aspects of school life, learning and social engagement.

As 21st September is a Saturday this year, it is suggested that schools sing on Friday 20th instead.

Whenever you choose to sing for peace in your school, the key objectives are to focus on unity and peace, and how we might find ways to work towards it.

Last year, 370 children from Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy in Great Yarmouth chose songs on the theme of peace that meant something to them, which they sang together to represent unity.

How to get involved

We have put together a free resource pack for Norfolk schools, which includes a song list on Charanga Musical School and some assembly / lesson suggestions. Click the link below to download it.

Add your voices to the growing ‘global choir’ for peace and make a difference in your school to sing with a focus on unity and peace and how we might find ways to work towards it. Find out more at

Download Norfolk Teacher’s Resource Pack