A collaboration between Holt Hall and Norfolk Music Hub

Sounds of Summer is a project which aims to explore the musical response to a natural outdoor scene.  The project links to the music curriculum, investigating the use of sound to interpret our natural outdoor surroundings. Aimed at young people from Norfolk aged 2-18, the informal nature of the music making in this project means that it is accessible to every age group, from a four year old singing in response to a wood pigeon to a grade 8 musician composing a piece for a group.

The film can be made in a back garden, park or school field so it is accessible to students who are working at home or in school using a camera, phone or any other device that can create a short film.  The music can be made on any sound-producing device including natural instruments as well as orchestral instruments, electronic devices and voice. Ideally the music is created at the same moment the film is made, but it can also be added later. It’s all about the creative process for the individual!

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View submissions

We received submissions from a number of young people aged between 2-15 across Norfolk!

View our showcase here to read about each project.

How to get involved

  • Film a natural scene of around 1 minute – no humans allowed!
  • Let the natural scene inspire an original piece of music created by you with an instrument or vocals – not written by another composer.
  • Record your piece of music together with the natural scene, or record it later and add the film and music together.
  • Submit your finished project by Sunday 5th July.
  • A video will be created at the end of the summer to showcase a Summer of Sound and Nature across Norfolk.

How to submit your video

  • Videos must be submitted by a parent/carer aged over 18. The material will be displayed on our website and used in social media.
  • Once you have finished making your video, please think of a name for your project. Rename your video so it includes the project name and the name of the young person.
  • Fill in the below submission form.
  • Use the below ‘Submit’ link to upload your video and submission form

Submissions are now closed, but if you would like to still work on this project please share your work with us on social media using the hashtag #SoundsOfSummer and tagging Norfolk Music Hub.

Facebook: Norfolk Music Hub| Holt Hall Norfolk
Twitter: @NMHub | @HoltHallNorfolk
Instagram: @norfolkmusichub | @holthallnorfolk


Tips on how to record your video

  • You don’t need professional equipment, any smart phone, tablet or camera that can record video and audio will work.
  • Try and avoid filiming in to the sun as this make everything a silhouette.
  • Balance your  phone, tablet or digital camera on flat surface so it is steady. If this isn’t possible, holding it by hand is fine but try and stay still and as steady as you can.
  • Do a practice run before filming to check the sound and video quality.
  • If your audio seems quiet, try moving closer to the instrument being played. If it is too loud, move further away and zoom in if necessary.
  • If the video has lots of shadows or is too bright, try filming from a different angle so the light changes.
  • It is easiest to record your natural scene and composition at the same time. If this isn’t possible, or you’d prefer to film the video and sound separately, here is a guide on how to edit them together.
  • Send your finished video to your computer if possible, this will make it easier to submit to us. You can do this via USB cable, email, bluetooth or AirDrop.
  • Rename your file so it includes the name of the young person or people as well as the name of the project, for example: DaisiesInTheWind_LaurenandJulia.

How to make Wild Music Instruments

Holt Hall have created some resources on how to create your own Wild Music Instruments. Head over to their website to find out more!

How to make Wild Music Instruments

About Holt Hall

Holt Hall is an outdoor learning centre set in woodland, lakes, fields, lawns and gardens. It provides a wealth of opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Our outdoor learning specialists design and deliver programmes from KS1 to A level and beyond. For more information visit their website. Visit their Facebook and Twitter pages for ideas of how to encourage outdoor learning at school and at home from our instructors.

To develop your Sounds of Summer project with home-made instruments and more outdoor learning ideas visit: www.holthall.org.uk/resources/sounds-of-summer