1. Click the tick box to agree to the terms of uploading your part.


2. This will make the submission link visible. Click on the ‘Submit Your Project’ link. This will open a Dropbox page in a new window.


3. Click “Add files” and choose “Files from computer”.
Or you can simply drag and drop your audio or video file on the white part of the screen (ignore the next step if you have dragged and dropped).


4. Locate your audio or video file and double click on it or choose “open”. Make sure it is correctly named: INSTRUMENT (from score) NAME – SECTION OF SCORE


5. If you’d like to add more videos or audio files, then click “+ Add more files”, choose “from computer” and locate the file as before.


6. Enter your name and email address and then click “upload”.
If you are already logged into Dropbox it will not ask for your name and email address.



7. That’s it! All done.