Norfolk Music Hub is inviting schools to participate in an exciting education project in North Norfolk in June to accompany the installation of a Wind Pipes Organ in South Creake from 25 – 29 June 2018.

Pupils have the chance to take part in instrument making and playing using recycled materials, exploring how sound is generated through wind instruments and exploration of making music together on the unique, hand-made Wind Pipes Organ.


  • Two sessions per day, 9.30-11.30 and 1.00-2.30
  • Maximum number of children per workshop: 30
  • Aimed at children aged 5 and above

The Organ will be set up in the Old Chapel South Creake. All materials and equipment needed will be provided.

The first half of this workshop will introduce the world of sound through making a rudimentary wind instrument with basic materials and techniques (cardboard tubing, sticky tape and scissors). The students will then be able to connect to the way the pipe organ works at a fundamental level. This will help to shift the focus from making music in a conventional way, towards the exploration of the physical properties of sound in a way that connects into other areas of learning like maths and physics.

For the second half of the workshop the group will play music together on the organ. For this project I will be using the inspiration of the music of Philip Glass, Arvo Part and other minimalist composers, to set up a composition of simple repetitive parts that shift in and out of phase with each other. This will explore the transition between order and complexity which underlies our attraction to musical pattern making.

This workshop will be of particular benefit to individuals who have an interest in music but have difficulty accessing composed music through traditional notation.

The workshops will include:

Instrument making and playing

  • A short talk about the basic principles of instrument making, including how to generate and amplify a sound wave, through practical demonstrations.
  • Practical – a making session to learn about sound through making a simple wind instrumentout of recycled materials.

Composing and playing together

  • A talk to introduce different ways of composing and playing music together
  • A brief history of the pipe organ, followed by a demonstration and explanation of how the wind pipes organ works.
  • Practical – an introduction to playing music together on the organ using a graphic score and other forms of alternative notation.

How to take part

Please register your interest by emailing by 25 May. Please specify your preferred date and time of workshop.

The workshops are now free of charge.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Click to download full information: The Big Pump Organ Schools Info Pack 2018