Welcome to Concert Week of Journey to the Ugly Bug Ball!

Wow! What a term we’ve had! Many thanks to you all for your amazing work so far and especially to those who have uploaded some pictures and videos of your work. We’ve loved seeing them!

This week is ‘Concert Week’. How exciting!! We’d like you to put on a concert using as many of the songs, costumes, posters, books and crafting activities that you’ve been working on over the last 10 weeks as you possibly can.

Ideally, we’d like these concerts to take place in the open air. So if you can, go into your local parks, forests, lakes (not into the lake…..just by the water’s edge will be fine!), garden, playground or you can make your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom into a magical natural habitat using your crafting bits and bobs.

Tom from The Come and Sing Company introduces Concert Week

Concert Week Warm Up, with Tom from The Come and Sing Company

Thousands of Key Stage 1 children from across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire have all been taking part in this project so we’d love as many of you as possible to get out, enjoy nature and have a jolly good sing! With the landowner’s permission, you can hang things in the trees, put out chairs for your audience, have a picnic, whatever you like.

Make sure you take all the things you’re going to need from backing tracks, sheet music, lyrics sheets, your crafted goodies and costumes and above all, really enjoy yourself!

Find all the resources here.

If you have any pictures of your crafting activities we would love to see them!

As ever, we’d love to see photos or video clips of what you get up to.

Please upload them here.

Thanks so much for all your work this term.

We hope you’ve wiggled, wriggled and danced your way through it. What a swell time we’ve had!

Best wishes,

Tom and Ellie from the Come and Sing Company

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