This week we will be going back over the songs we have learnt in the last three weeks and we have a challenge for you!

Take yourself and your family on a nature walk. This could be to the woods, to the park or even just around your back garden! Take notice of all the sights sounds and smells you come across.

You will also find all the musical resources you will need below.

Tom from The Come and Sing Company introduces Nature Walk Recap Week

Let’s think about waking our faces up, with Tom from The Come and Sing Company

Song resources:

Week 1: Earth by Russell Hepplewhite

Earth lyrics (.pdf)

Earth full score (.pdf)

Earth voices only (.pdf)

Week 2: The Tiny Caterpillar

The Tiny Caterpillar lyrics (.pdf)

Week three: Three Birds

Words by Alasdair Middleton, music by Jonathan Dove

Three Birds lyrics (.pdf)

Three Birds vocal line (.pdf)

Our book suggestion for you is Hodge the Hedgehog by Amy Sparkles

If you have any pictures of your crafting activities we would love to see them!

Please upload them here.

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