Welcome to This Other World Week of Journey to the Ugly Bug Ball!

This week we will be learning This Other World by Will Todd. This piece takes us on a magical journey through the forest to the other world of the fantastical Ugly Bug Ball!

Here’s a little poem to get you in the mood for an enchanted journey:

The Enchanted Forest Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi

The forest is peaceful and quiet.
I appreciate its immense cover of shade,
And I feel focused and comfortable
In this sanctuary nature has made.

I feel a sense of enchantment
In the cool, refreshing air,
As I seek the hidden secrets
That the forest had to bear.

Tom from The Come and Sing Company introduces This Other World Week

How To Sing This Other World, with Tom from The Come and Sing Company

Song resources

This Other World by Will Todd

This Other World Lyric Sheet

Full performance:

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Backing only:

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Create a woodland picture

For this week’s craft project we would like you to create a woodland picture using things you find in nature. Go and hunt around your garden or go on a walk and find leaves, twigs and other natural things to make a magical picture. You will find some examples of what you can make in the download below!

Ideas for woodland photos (.pdf)

This week’s book suggestion is Super, Happy, Magic Forest by Matty Long.

If you have any pictures of your crafting activities we would love to see them!

Please upload them here.

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