Welcome to Birds and Seasons Week of Journey to the Ugly Bug Ball!

This week we will be investigating how the seasons change and learning the song Three Birds by Jonathan Dove with words by Alasdair Middleton. The song is about the migration of birds through the seasons.  We will be learning the song and making a seasons wheel.

Here’s a little poem to get you started:

When it is winter I put on my coat,
When it is spring I plant some seeds,
When it is summer, I go to the pool,
When it is autumn I go to school.

Tom from The Come and Sing Company introduces Birds and Seasons Week

Let’s think about waking our faces up, with Tom from The Come and Sing Company

Song resources

Three Birds

Words by Alasdair Middleton, music by Jonathan Dove

Three Birds lyrics (.pdf)

Three Birds vocal line (.pdf)

Full performance:

Download .mp3 >> (right click > save as)

Backing only:

Download .mp3 >> (right click > save as)

Make your own Seasons Wheel:

Download seasons wheel instructions (.pdf)

Make your own Seasons Tree:

Our book suggestion for you is All Around the Seasons by Barney Saltzberg

If you have any pictures of your crafting activities we would love to see them!

Please upload them here.

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