Pedro Espi-Sanchis, a pale skinned man with brown and grey hair, stands next to a dark skinned woman holding. Pedro wears a grey check shirt and the woman is dressed in a bright blue jacket and head wrap. Both smile widely.

Pedro Espi Sanchis will be leading a massed participation activity:

  • Pedro Espi-Sanchis Kelp flute band (2.30pm – 3.10pm)


Pedro Espi-Sanchis is a music educator based in Cape Town, South Africa and Spain and has been a leading figure in music education for 35 years, specialising in the field of instrumental African music and the use of African instruments in schools.

Pedro is a renowned storyteller and musician; he uses stories to introduce African instruments – many of which are ensemble instruments needing audience participation – showing how they are made and played. Pedro specialises in performances for primary and pre-primary school audiences and over the years has visited hundreds of schools in southern Africa and Europe. His shows are accompanied by a full set of educational materials including traditional African instruments and CDs of music and stories that are presented to the schools.


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