Veronica Youdell will be leading a warm-up exercise:

  • Warm Up – Yoga Rap with Veronica Youdell (10am – 10.15am)

Veronica Youdell will be delivering the following workshop:

  • Rap Yoga (1pm – 2pm)

Workshop information


Veronica works with young people and adults in my capacities as a music facilitator, yoga instructor and sound healer.

She has a huge passion and natural gift for writing catchy rap lyrics and creating improvised song melodies.

Veronica’s yoga teaching focuses on creating strong connections with the earth. She enjoys teaching quirky flows that give space for the breath to support the movement and is a huge fan of Yin Yoga because it gives so much time and space to slow down and release tension from the mind and body.

Veronica encourages her students to feel into sensations, let go of unhealthy attachments and create space for transformation to occur, holding space for deep healing, peace and happiness to manifest whilst building strength, flexibility and discipline in the mind and body.

Veronica created Rap Yoga as a container for creative projects, workshops and classes.


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