For the academic year 2019/20, the Music Service is bringing Live Music Week performances to schools from 11 November – 15 November 2019.

What we offer:

Book a performance to inspire and motivate your pupils to take up an instrument, or perhaps as a precursor to a Whole Class Ensemble Teaching programme.

Our musicians will be in your school for 1 hour, which includes a performance of 45 minutes.

“Our children and staff loved their Live Music Week performance this morning. Lots of happy, engaged faces and plenty of chat about it afterwards. Thank you so much!”


“So many staff have either taken the time to email me, or approached me, to say how outstanding it was. Many have said it was the best assembly we have ever had from any kind of visiting group!”


“This was a fantastic opportunity to see it performed live by some very talented musicians.”

Read our report from the last Live Music Week!


£100 per performance.

How to book:

Please note that booking is on a first-come-first-served basis. Booking is now closed and we aim to get in touch with you to confirm your booking by 28 October.