The Music Service works in partnership with schools and educational settings to promote high quality music education through instrumental and vocal teaching. Weekly lessons are tailored to meet the needs, aspirations and interests of all young people and can be provided on an individual, paired or group basis.

Entire classes of Year 4s can also learn through our Whole Class Ensemble Teaching programme when you register for one of our Hub Subscription Package.

There are also many Ensembles & Music Centres led by the Music Service across the County where young people can take part in group music making and additional lessons.


£36 per hour (1 hour minimum buy-back)

  • Group lessons based on 6 pupils sharing a 30 minute lesson costs £3 per week
  • 30 minute individual lesson costs £18 per week, or £198 over a 11 week term.

Pricing for 2021/22

All instruments are provided free of charge if you are accessing tuition through Norfolk Music Service!

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