Online Learning Resources

We have collated many online learning resources and activities to support all children and young people to keep learning and making music from home. Explore the categories below.

Ten Pieces Trailblazers

BBC Ten Pieces

BBC Ten Pieces helps classroom teachers and ensemble leaders open up the world of classical music to 7-14 year olds. Explore films, lesson plans, instrumental arrangements & live events to support you in your teaching.

BBC Ten Pieces Trailblazers
Ten Pieces Trailblazers challenges students to rethink orchestral music – what it sounds like, who can make it, and how it’s used – through ten trailblazing composers and their pieces of music.

Bring the Noise
Bring the Noise is designed to support primary school teachers to teach music more confidently in the classroom as well as encouraging music-making at home. Fun, easy-to-follow educational films are set to help start children aged 4-7 on their first steps towards a life of musical enjoyment as well as highlight the positive impact that music education has.

Inclusive resources
Discover the music of Trailblazers with new films and resources to make music-making accessible to students with additional support needs (SEND/ ASN), students who are deaf or have hearing loss and students who are blind or partially sighted.

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Tenebrae Digital Singing Resources for Teachers

Tenebrae Schools Digital Resources are completely free to use and designed to support Singing in the Classroom. Use this page to build your own singing session.

Watch a video introduction:

A singing session is formed of 3 parts:

  • Step 1: Physical Warm Up
  • Step 2: Vocal Warm Up
  • Step 3: Singing a Song

Choose one video from each step to build your session, and mix it up every time. They work in any combination so feel free to let the children choose the videos. You don’t need any special equipment, just make sure you’re comfortable, have a little bit of space around you, and that the pupils can see and hear the videos.

Difficulty levels: Beginner | IntermediateAdvanced

Subtitles in UK English are available for all videos by selecting the option English (United Kingdom).

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