AYM Workshops are aimed at interested potential students as an introduction to Aldeburgh Young Musicians (AYM) and a creative music workshop. The day is an opportunity for anyone who is interested, or curious, about what we do. 

Aldeburgh Young Musicians works with exceptionally gifted young students, but our scheme is also looking for potential. If you have musical passion and drive, why not see if this scheme might be for you.

Each workshop includes a brief presentation and short film about AYM, followed by a ‘mock’ audition with a willing participant – this will demonstrate our audition process, how to prepare and to help students understand what we look for. 

This will be followed by a general question and answer session with staff and students from AYM. 

It will be a terrific opportunity to find out everything you want to know! Working with professional musicians, the creative workshop will further develop your musical skills and include a combination of rhythmic work, improvisation and composition, as well as ‘jamming’ to create new music together. 

It will be an opportunity to work with other able musicians in an imaginative way. No experience of improvisation is necessary to take part. 

If you would like to take part in these workshops, please contact Colin Virr, Head of Aldeburgh Young Musicians tel: 01728 687115 email: cvirr@aldeburgh.co.uk 

The workshops are free to attend, but numbers are limited and you must register with AYM first.