A dark skinned man, medium skinned and dark skinned woman are positioned at the bottom of some steps. They look to be singing and performing. A group of school children in red uniform stand behind them, also singing.

Led by Camilo Menjura and building on his successful ’World Choir’ project for SOAS in London, this project will invite multiple schools to take part in a singing project and finale performance at Norwich Theatre Royal on May 24th 2023. Up to 1300 pupils from year 5 and 6 will take part.

This project is subject to funding being confirmed by the beginning of November.

This project will be delivered in two parts.

1. Outreach Delivery

Norfolk Music Hub and Connecting Cultures will partner to deliver two ‘live’ streams to all participating pupils and schools. These classes will also be recorded for future reference and to revisit.

The live streamed classes will teach 2 songs each making 4 songs in total. These songs will be from 4 separate countries e.g. Spain, Kenya, Ukraine and India. The songs chosen reflecting the nationality/diversity within the pupil demographic. All songs will be sung in the language of the country.

Each song taught will have a learning/sing-a-long video and lyric sheet that pupils can practice with at any time ready for the performance.

All participants, as part of the project are invited to complete a Discover Arts Award. This will focus on a cross curricular theme with 4 parts representing the culture and music from each song taught.

Schools will be able to register up until mid- October. We are hoping to fill the Theatre Royal with participating audience schools, the capacity is 1300.

2. Concert Delivery

Working with the team at Norwich Theatre Royal, a daytime concert will take place on May 24th 2023 (the time of the concert will be confirmed once you have received confirmation from Connecting Cultures of your seats).

Camilo Menjura will assemble and musically direct musicians from each country of song origin to perform a concert for the participating schools audience. During which, all schools will sing a song from each country taught in the outreach project.

Watch last year’s phase of this project


We have reached capacity for this project. If you would like your educational setting to be placed on the reserve list please contact krista.ribbons@norfolk.gov.uk.

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