Ivan Cane

Ivan Cane, LRAM, LTCL (1927-2017)

Prominent local musician Ivan Cane has died at his home in Old Costessey. He was 90.

Ivan Cane will chiefly be remembered as the founder of the Academy of St Thomas, which has been a fixture of musical life in the Norwich area since 1973. He spent his early career teaching cello, piano and classroom music at schools in Staffordshire and Essex, before moving to Norfolk in 1966. He taught cello at schools in and around Norwich, and later became Head of the Instrumental Service, as well as conductor of the Norwich Students’ Orchestra, which he led on successful tours to Norwich twin cities Koblenz, Novi Sad and Rouen in the 1970s.

He retired in 1987, but was active teaching, playing and conducting for a number of years after that date.

The funeral service will be held at St Thomas Church, Earlham Road, Norwich at 2.30pm on Friday 29th September.

Concert in Memoriam to Ivan Cane

Academy of St Thomas
Sunday 15 October 3pm
St Andrew’s Hall,  Norwich.

For more details visit www.academyofstthomas.com