NYMAZ announces first five regions joining flagship digital music
education project Connect: Resound – Croydon, East Sussex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Surrey

Youth music charity NYMAZ today announces the first five Music Education Hubs selected to take part in the latest phase of its pioneering digital music project Connect: Resound (www.connectresound.org.uk), which uses new technology to provide remote, real-time instrumental tuition and access to music performances. In 2018/19, Connect: Resound will continue to address the challenges of rural isolation whilst also exploring the potential of the model to help reach young people facing additional difficulties in accessing music-making.

We are delighted that Norfolk Music Hub has been selected to participate in this phase of the project helping to reach more children in rurally isolated areas, providing a wider range of music opportunities and looking at the potential to deliver training to the music workforce online.

The other areas taking part are:

Croydon Music Education Hub – Reaching young people facing mental health or other issues which make it difficult for them to access mainstream services or to attend school regularly.

East Sussex Music Education Hub – Overcoming rural isolation by exploring teaching to multiple venues at once, as well as virtual tuition at home through the development of online courses and webinars plus live teaching.

Lincolnshire Music Education Hub – Exploring how technology can address the challenges of delivering to every child – even those in isolated communities – in a large, sparsely populated county.

Surrey Music Hub – Developing access to instrumental learning amongst primary and secondary age pupils, including Children in Care and young unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Heidi Johnson, director of NYMAZ, comments: ” Connect: Resound is a proven means of delivering instrumental tuition and we are committed to using it to tackle the inequality in music provision suffered by children in rural parts of England.

At the same time, we believe that our model of online delivery could also help many other young people experiencing limited music provision due to other challenges. This is the first year of support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Education and Learning Through the Arts Fund and we are thrilled to be bringing on board new Hub partners to trial other ways which Connect: Resound can make a real difference to children’s lives.”

John Stephens, Surrey Music Hub says, “Surrey Music Hub is delighted to be part of Connect: Resound. In a large county that has high levels of traffic congestion, areas of rural deprivation as well as some of the highest numbers of unaccompanied asylum seekers in the country, being part of this programme will help us to extend our music offer to those young people who too often face barriers to accessing music education.”

Jane Humberstone, East Sussex Music Hub comments: “East Sussex is a county with many small rural primary schools. To be able to teach children in different venues simultaneously will enable isolated children to begin to learn, cut down travel time and save on costs. We are also very excited to explore the development of online courses and webinar-style learning.”

In addition to working closely with the new partners to integrate the tried and tested online delivery method into their teaching practice, NYMAZ, alongside technical partner UCan Play, will be engaging Music Education Hubs, schools and music teachers across the country in Connect: Resound via:

• Live Broadcasts: a series of screenings of music performances beamed direct to classrooms and school halls, these events will be designed especially for schoolchildren and be accompanied by free teaching materials.

• Free membership of NYMAZ Remote Music Learning Network: keep abreast of latest sector news, share best practice with peers and access CPD events, see www.nymaz.org.uk/for-professionals/remote

• New opportunities to become delivery partners: a fresh round of applications for Connect: Resound will be opened later in the year.

As one of thirteen current strategic partners of Youth Music, NYMAZ delivers targeted music activities and workforce development to create a musically-inclusive England, where every child can access music-making regardless of their circumstance.

About Connect: Resound

Connect: Resound promotes the way digital technologies can be used to create more music education and enrichment opportunities for children living in rurally isolated areas, where transport costs and times challenge traditional methods of provision. Connect: Resound is currently funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation Education and Learning Through the Arts Fund and Music for All.

The project is led by youth music development charity, NYMAZ (www.nymaz.org.uk) and delivered in partnership with technical lead UCan Play (www.ucanplay.org.uk), Music Education Hubs, Music Organisations, orchestras and venues, as well as primary, secondary and special schools across England.



NYMAZ is a youth music charity which champions the transformative potential of music for children and young people. As one of thirteen current strategic partners of Youth Music, NYMAZ is delivering targeted music activities and workforce development to create a musically-inclusive England, where every child can access music-making opportunities, regardless of their circumstances.

We know that music has the power to change lives – it can raise aspirations, enable personal and social development, and enhance career prospects. Working with our trusted partners, we deliver high quality music-making activities across North Yorkshire to those in challenging circumstances, including rural isolation. We are also committed to strengthening the sector through workforce development, building strategic partnerships and advocating for the benefits of participatory music.


About UCan Play

UCan Play is a musical instrument and technology sales and consultancy company specialising in the education sector. UCan Play works in partnership with other organisations to help promote music education in a range of settings. Partners include Steinway & Sons, Roland UK, Musical Futures, Sound &Music, CLIC Sargent and many others. www.ucanplay.org.uk

About Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Paul Hamlyn Foundation was established by Paul Hamlyn in 1987. Upon his death in 2001, he left most of his estate to the Foundation, creating one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. Our mission is to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. We have a particular interest in supporting young people and a strong belief in the importance of the arts and social justice is the golden thread that links all our work.


About Music for All

Our charity, founded in 1996 and supported by the UK musical instrument industry, is dedicated to helping as many people as possible, of all age groups and social backgrounds to get involved in the amazing world of music making.

This support takes the form of individual help with instrument purchases or tuition fees and community group grants to help set up and support long-term music making projects.

Our charity is run by volunteers from the music industry has absolutely minimal overheads and administration costs. And, for every pound we raise, the musical instrument industry donates £2.