Raise the profile of music in your school by inviting one of our highly qualified Music Service staff to become a valued member of your school for a whole day. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to offer a wide range of musical experiences for your pupils while engaging in a creative curriculum.

What we offer

We provide a Musician in Residence programme in primary and complex needs settings. A typical one-day Musician in Residence Programme can deliver a combination of the following:


£200 per day

Pricing for 2021/22

All Musician in Residence packages will be billed upfront at the start of the Academic Year based on a 33 week buy-back duration (this equates to £6,600 per annum per day of tuition ordered). Please note that the maximum amount of contact time per day is 6.5 hours and timetables should be arranged in discussion with the Music Service in advance in order to ensure best value.

Early Bird Offer

Where a Musician in Residence package is ordered before 21st May 2021 your setting will be entitled to one Live Music Week performance completely free of charge to take place during Academic Year


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