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The government’s National Plan for Music Education states that every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through CIL. It is the responsibility of each school to ensure that this is possible for their pupils. CIL projects are led by high-quality music teachers who will develop musical skills that can be applied in National Curriculum music lessons.

Additional benefits of this scheme are the enjoyment it has brought to the children and more specifically in its ability to positively affect the self-worth, the organisation skills, the confidence and the musical development of the children involved. Many pupils choose to continue learning to play an instrument after completing their CIL programme.

Pupil comments

“The enthusiasm from the teacher, makes you feel enthusiastic.”
“The lessons help us get better with our singing”
“I like the variety of things we do in our music lessons – singing, ukulele and recorders.”
“We get to learn up to date songs and we get so much done in the lessons.”

Teacher feedback

“The music lessons are always well led and taught. I have seen the enthusiasm and engagement from the pupils increase lesson on lesson. It is a joy to listen and see every child, whatever their need or ability in other areas of the curriculum, make progress and enjoy every minute of the lessons.”

What we offer

  • Our CIL programme is offered to year 4 and year 7 students in educational settings. We are extremely excited to offer 10 weeks of tuition across both Norfolk for just £100. Deadline to register is 12th July 2024
  • 30 minutes contact time per week per class with 15 minutes set-up time
    Instrument loan included for the duration of the tuition
  • If you have mixed classes (e.g. Year 3s & 4s) this will be catered for. If you teach a year 7 class and would prefer support to deliver self- delivery CIL and would like to loan a class set of instruments for one term, please also register below.


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