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School Music Education Plan

Ofsted have tasked Music Hubs to create a School Music Education Plan (SMEP) to enable them to articulate clearly to schools what is available to support them and to promote closer working between schools and the hub.

Ofsted states that Music Hubs should:

  • expect and secure that all schools engage with hubs and the National Plan for Music Education
  • have regular and supportive, challenging conversations with each of their schools about the quality of music education for all pupils in the school
  • support all schools in improving the music education they provide, especially in class lessons, and support them in evaluating it robustly
  • offer expert training and consultancy to schools, which supports school leaders and staff in understanding what musical learning, and good progress by pupils in music, are like.

As part of our Hub Subscription Packages, we offer School Music Education Plan consultancy support and audit:

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Useful Documents for Schools

Safeguarding Documents

Accessible Events

Norfolk Music Hub is committed to making our music education services accessible and welcoming to all.

We are creating specific Access Guides for our events to be used by all schools and young people. Where possible we we will create Event Guides for specific information relating to disability access at certain events. Please contact us to find out more or if you have a specific request.

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Charanga Musical School

Charanga Musical School is the most significant new Primary music resource for a decade which is being used by over 100 Primary schools across Norfolk. It’s a living cloud-based resource that brings together great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology. It supports all aspects of music in school including the new music curriculum, as well as providing children and their families with opportunities to continue learning and exploring music at home through Music World.

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Take a look at the Charanga Musical School pricing here >> or sign up for a no-obligation, 30-day free trial for your school by clicking here >>.

Charanga VIP Studio

VIP Studio Sessions supports young people to create, produce and release music. It includes a powerful online music studio with recording, effects, virtual instruments and over 700 free loops and sounds. Young people can use it 24/7 anywhere they can get online. It’s perfect for KS3, BTEC and GCSE or just to get more into creative music, and includescomprehensive resources for Teachers’ to support the teaching of contemporary music genres.

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Children’s University

Music activities run by the Norfolk Music Hub are now Children’s University Learning Destinations. This means that any child with a Children’s University passport can collect learning credits by taking part in our ensembles, workshops, and other music activities!

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Financial Assistance

The following schemes exist to help schools and individual musicians find financial support to progress their music education.

  • Take It Away: Take It Away offers interest-free loans for the purchase of musical instruments. Find out more >> takeitaway.org.uk
  • The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme: The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme enables pupils having music lessons at LEA-maintained schools to purchase musical instruments without paying VAT. Read more >> AIPSGuide (pdf)
  • Future Talent: Future Talent supports musicians from any genre of music be it classical, folk or rock and on any instrument from violin to voice and drums to beat-boxing! Find out more about their financial awards >> futuretalent.org
  • Awards for Young Musicians: AYM invites applications from young instrumentalists playing any musical genre to join annual, means tested awards programmes. Award winners receive flexible funding towards musical costs (e.g. tuition, instrument costs, travel etc.) and individual support. Find out more >> a-y-m.org.uk
  • Help Musicians: Help Musicians UK is the leading UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. Find out more >> helpmusicians.org.uk
  • EMI Music Sound Foundation: The EMI Music Sound Foundation provides two types of awards: Firstly, the Instrument and/or Equipment awards which allows schools, music teachers and individuals in full time education to apply directly to the Foundation for assistance with the purchase of musical instruments and/or equipment. Secondly, the Bursary awards which allow students at the colleges/organisations detailed below to apply for assistance with fees and/or living expenses (these are handled directly by the college/organisation). Find out more >> emimusicsoundfoundation.com
  • The Radcliffe Trust Music Grants: Through its music making grant programme, the Radcliffe Trust supports classical music performance and training especially chamber music, composition and music education. Particular interests within music education are music for children and adults with special needs, youth orchestras and projects at secondary and higher levels, including academic research. Applicants must be a registered charity or an exempt charity. Find out more >> theradcliffetrust.org/music-grants.

The Music Service offers financial assistance for Instrument Hire and Instrumental Tuition for pupils in receipt of Free School Meals or for Looked After Children. There are also bursaries available to join various ensembles.

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Samba Rhythm Resources

Beat Goes On provides STOMP-style body percussion and samba drumming workshops, as well as meaningful CPD for music teachers.

Here are four free rhythm grids to help you get started with samba in your music lessons. Click here to access the samba rhythm grids.

These resources are perfect for:

  • making the most of classroom percussion
  • use with samba bands
  • use with junk ensembles
  • creating body percussion lesson starters

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