Norfolk Music Hub are delighted to once again partner with Music Worldwide to offer an amazing face-to-face workshop in educational settings across Norfolk for key stage 2 students!

Music Worldwide work with artists from around the world, introducing young learners to different musical cultures and instrument forms. In collaboration with Norfolk Music Hub, they will be bringing internationally acclaimed teacher and artist Pedro Espi-Sanchez to Norfolk school children between 30th October and 3rd November.

There are limited workshops available for Pedro to visit your school.

More about PedroPedro Espi-Sanchis, a pale skinned man with brown and grey hair, stands next to a dark skinned woman holding. Pedro wears a grey check shirt and the woman is dressed in a bright blue jacket and head wrap. Both smile widely.

Pedro Espi-Sanchis is a music educator based in Cape Town, South Africa and Spain and has been a leading figure in music education for 35 years, specialising in the field of instrumental African music and the use of African instruments in schools.

Pedro is a renowned storyteller and musician; he uses stories to introduce African instruments – many of which are ensemble instruments needing audience participation – showing how they are made and played. Pedro specialises in performances for primary and pre-primary school audiences and over the years has visited hundreds of schools in southern Africa and Europe. His shows are accompanied by a full set of educational materials including traditional African instruments and CDs of music and stories that are presented to the schools.

Norfolk Music Hub School Workshop Programme FAQs

When is this taking place?

  • 30th October – 3rd November

How long does a workshop last for?

  • 1 hour

What age are these workshops suitable for?

  • Key stage 2

How many students can take part at one time?

  • We are able to offer one workshop per school, with 60 participating students

What time are the performances?

  • Performances will take place on every day of the week between 30th October and 3rd November, your school will be allocated a workshop time based on Pedro’s schedule for the week. We are unable to take requests for specific times. If you are unable to accept the time offered, we are unable to offer an alternative

Is there a cost?

  • No

Do the students get to keep their Kelp flute?

  • Pipe sets for the whole student body will be supplied by Pedro and will remain the property of Norfolk Music Hub, to be used in the educational setting where the workshop has taken place

Do the teachers get any accompanying resources?

  • Each teacher will be given a set of pipes with companion booklet and CD to use and duplicate and instructions on making Mafahlawhanas (ankle rattles) to provide the beat for the pipes.
  • Pedro will introduce the teachers to the rhythm notation used for the OPON and how it facilitates the learning of Staff notation.

What will the students learn?

  • Pedro will firstly introduce the instruments made from Kelp. Then as a group, improvise on the pipes following simple principles. This will be followed with learning to play a song the OPON pipes.
  • The 60 learners at each class are spread out in ‘three colour groups’.
  • The final song the pupils will learn is the classic South African song, Mbube, known internationally as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

Where do the workshops take place?

  • We will need to use your school hall to deliver this workshop.

An example of a performance on Kelp flutes:


Registration closed. This event is now at capacity.