Join the Royal Opera House’s Create and Sing programme this summer for a pair of free online workshops.

‘What is Opera?’ creatively engages classes (KS1-2) with exploring and making opera in their classroom, as well getting a look behind the scenes of the Royal Opera House.

Easy to access and deliver, What is Opera? Provides participants with a fun, focused and creative summer project, and an innovative introduction to opera.  

Part 1 – available from 6th June online: 60 min pre-recorded workshop video Registered schools will receive a link to a pre-recorded workshop video, presented by our ROH music and drama practitioners, and accompanying digital resources on our ROH Learning Platform. The workshop includes:  

  • Welcome to the Project 
  • What is Opera? A look behind the scenes at ROH 
  • Warmups  
  • Learn a Song (‘Walk on Tip Toe’ from The Magic Flute) 
  • Setting the Creative task 

Part 1 concludes with setting your class a creative task: to practice the song covered in the workshop and create some staging for it (we share some ideas in the workshop to help get you started).  

Part 2 – 10am 7th July, live digital workshop: 60 min workshop hosted via Microsoft Teams inviting schools to join our ROH music and drama practitioners who will rehearse and lead participants through a culmination performance of ‘Walk on Tip toe’. The workshop will include:  

  • Welcome Back  
  • Live rehearsal of ‘Walk on Tip Toe’  
  • Performance and Q&A with a Royal Opera singer 
  • Final Culmination Performance  


To register your interest in participating in ‘What is Opera?’ please complete the link below. You will then receive email updates about the project and links to the pre-recorded part 1 workshop and live online part 2.