The Set The Tone project is excited to launch the next phase of their contemporary music strategy to support young ‘up and coming’ unsigned musicians in Norfolk!

Fortnightly, commencing on Friday 17th September at 5pm, we will be introducing you to a new original track and finding out a little more about the singer/songwriters behind the tracks.

Track of the week: 15 October 2021 

Reece Dawson – Fluffzy 

Biography: My name is Reece but everyone calls me Chase. I’m 18 years old and love producing and would love to DJ some day.

I started playing around with producing at the age of 12, playing with samples and creating some tracks with them. Over time, I started gaining more knowledge, learning how to use effects and different plugins to create my own sounds, and creating my own original tracks.

I now aspire to keep producing and some day, bring my music to gigs and festivals and enjoy the experience.

Social media: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Name of track: ‘Kamaitachi’

Track of the week: 1 October 2021 


Biography: I’m a 14 year old singer songwriter.

I’ve played a few gigs around Norfolk and Suffolk this year. I’ve also been doing musical theatre since I was really young

Social media: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Name of track: ‘Cola’

Track of the week: 17 September 2021 

Tyler Nathaniel

Biography: My name is Tyler Nathaniel and I’m an independent musician and producer. I play piano, guitar, and bass, although I often experiment with vocals and other unorthodox instruments. I am currently studying music production at Access Creative College.

I have been musical since age 4 and I played my first gig at age 10. Music is my life – I make it everyday and have done for years. I aspire to release as many albums as I possibly can, and to inspire others with my music.

I have recorded, produced and released 4 albums so far, all from my studio at home. ‘Alive’ was the first single to my latest album ‘Distance’ released in June, and has already received extensive radioplay on Future Radio, as well as winning the Access Creative Norwich award for best song

Social media: Instagram | YouTube

Name of track: ‘Alive’

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