The Junior Strings section of WYMS (photographed before Covid!)

Wymondham Youth Music Society (WYMS) is putting on a one-off ‘Taster Session’ as part of its plan to restart musical activities.

This session will take place on Thursday 24th June 2021 at 6:30pm in Wymondham Central Hall.

Like all musical groups, the Covid pandemic has meant that the WYMS ensembles have been unable to meet since last March.. But with government restrictions now lifting, the Society has decided that getting together is possible, albeit with a few restrictions to minimise Covid transmission.

The Taster Session will be open to children under the age of 18 who are learning an orchestral instrument. The session will start at 18:30 and last for about an hour. The most important feature is that the event is open to everyone, whether a member of WYMS or not. And it’s completely free.

For over 30 years Wymondham Youth Music Society has been bringing young musicians together to play in various ensembles that are suitable for all ages. The Society’s Musical Director, Margery Baker, is delighted by the move forward.

“Everyone, from music educationalists to the children themselves agree that playing a musical instrument in a group is so much more rewarding (and beneficial) than just playing on your own. So restarting after such a long pause feels very exciting!”

The evening will be guided by an expert tutor, with the emphasis on having fun rather than perfect playing! Even if you’ve never played in an orchestra before, this is an ideal opportunity to find out whether it’s for you.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in coming along on 24th June, just drop an e-mail to the WYMS secretary Linda White on or go to the Society’s website